Seraphim extends product warranty to 25 & 30 years for Australian and New Zealand clients


Seraphim warrants that the Seraphim S4 series 108-pieces half-cell modules (SRP-XXX-BMD-HV ), installed after 1 July 2022 in Australia and New Zealand residential rooftop projects, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, usage and service conditions as specified in the Standard Product Documentation, for a period of twenty-five years (25 Year Warranty). For Seraphim S4 series 108-pieces half-cell bifacial modules (SRP-XXX-BMD-BG), the warranty is extended to thirty years (30 Year Warranty).

This warranty extension shows Seraphim’s strong confidence in its product quality which has gone through thousands of experimental and practical tests. With a good reputation of innovation and stringent quality control, Seraphim has been listed as Tier 1 Module Maker by BNEF for over 8 years, and Top Performer for 5 times by PVEL.

Altogether, the proven high quality and reliability of Seraphim modules and this extended product warranty will provide additional protections and greater peace of mind for homeowners in that area.