Solar monitoring specialist Solytic and Powerdoo join forces


With the takeover of Powerdoo, the two PV veterans Johannes Dahl and Steffen Mangold are officially joining Solytic. The company is specialised in hardware-independent PV monitoring with AI analytics and is developing a digital advisor for all topics regarding solar.

The goal is to significantly increase the cost/revenue-ratio of decisions to accelerate the energy revolution. The digital advisor identifies issues and potentials within each solar installation and offers the best solutions to improve the asset’s status quo. After 2 years, Solytic is about to hit 100,000 PV plants under management, becoming the fastest-growing solar software company worldwide.

“We took the first steps with Powerdoo in 2018, which became a joint journey throughout 2019. Now is the right time for the final logical move and add Johannes and Steffen to our team. This allows us to grow even faster,” says Konrad Perényi, co-founder of Solytic. “In the coming months, we will launch our data-driven marketplace, which is a digital advisor that will help users to improve their solar earnings. On top of that, we are going into a funding round. Meanwhile, the monitoring portal of Powerdoo stays live. Sometime in the first half of 2020, we will integrate Powerdoo into Solytic and launch our new joint portal.”