Solar power system adorns Berlin’s Rotes Rathaus


The system on the roof of the city hall, which houses not only the mayor but also the Senate of Berlin, is clearly visible from the adjacent Fernsehturm. It serves as a further clear sign of Berlin’s commitment to climate protection. ???The solar power system was planned and installed by Centrosolar’s Centroplan subsidiary on behalf of Berliner Energieagentur which operates the system.

In less than two weeks, 160 modules were installed on the city hall roof. The crystalline high-performance modules type /S Class Professional /were installed on the flat roof at a 15 degree angle facing south.

“We are pleased that Berliner Energieagentur decided in favour of German quality modules for this prestigious project. Centrosolar modules are manufactured at the solar power plant in Wismar according to the highest quality standards,” reports Thomas Güntzer, the Centrosolar-Group’s project business director.

Covering an area of 263 m², the system has a total output of 38.4 kWp and is expected to generate an annual yield of 36 MWh. Over 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide will thus be saved per year. ????It is not only the landmark character of the building that makes this solar power system special. It also illustrates that photovoltaic systems can be installed on protected buildings, such as the city hall.

The historic character of the building erected in 1861 is not affected by the solar power system as the panels are invisible from the street below. ???The Rotes Rathaus solar power system is the third project implemented by the Centrosolar Group on behalf of Berliner Energieagentur.

As recently as January of this year, a 250 kWp system with Centrosolar modules was taken into operation on the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin. Further projects are in the pipeline.