SolarEdge is celebrating being a top global monitoring provider and reaching 500,000 sites monitored


SolarEdge attributes much of its PV monitoring leadership to the solar energy installers who have placed their confidence in SolarEdge. For this reason, SolarEdge is asking them to join us in celebrating the 500,000th PV system connected to our monitoring platform.

Less than a decade ago, monitoring PV systems was a passive and reactive process. With the rapid adoption of MLPE, module-level monitoring and remote troubleshooting have become the new gold standard for PV systems. SolarEdge’s monitoring platform offers improved PV asset management and decreased O&M costs by reducing the number of trips to sites and amount of time spent on site, while also increasing system uptime.

The FREE monitoring for system lifetime, with real-time insight into system performance from anywhere, provides value to installers and system owners alike. System owners receive insight into energy production and can keep track of both system performance and environmental impact. For commercial systems, the monitoring platform offers a way to track and ensure performance ratio. Installers and O&M providers are able to optimize their business while simultaneously offering tailored PV asset management services.

Acting as a strategic PV asset management tool, SolarEdge’s monitoring platform offers a wide variety of reporting features to analyze PV systems throughout their lifetime. The platform offers comprehensive analytics tracking and reporting of energy yield, system uptime, and financial performance. For immediate fault detection, accurate maintenance, and rapid response, the platform features pinpointed and automatic alerts. The module-level power curves and voltages displayed in the monitoring platform enable remote troubleshooting. Its dashboard displays energy production on a weekly, monthly and yearly resolution. Comparative energy charts available on the dashboard compare present and past performance on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

To compare actual monthly yields with estimated figures, PV simulation results can be uploaded. For commercial PV systems, a commissioning report is offered with a comprehensive checklist of key aspects of the SolarEdge installation. For reporting purposes, there are various options including performance measures, comparative data to previous periods, and the report format.