SolarTown provides critical support for Chennai communities during floods as electric grids shut down


Soon after the grid shutdown, communications to and from the city failed once cell phone batteries and that of other personal electronics were depleted. Off-grid solar systems from SolarTown provided the sole source of electricity for dozens of citizens in Chennai.

SolarTown customers were also able to assist fellow members of their community by allowing them to charge phones and connect to the internet in order to contact loved ones and send updates on conditions in the city.

“Occurrences like the recent floods in Chennai demonstrate the need for off-grid power sources to provide critical power during natural disasters,” said Vikram Dileepan, CEO of SolarTown.

“We’re proud to provide an affordable and reliable alternative to grid power and to offer a service that supports our community. We’re humbled by the responses we’ve received from our customers in Chennai.”

“During the floods in Chennai, our house was the only one with electricity within a one to two kilometer radius. It looked like a small island with power. I recommend solar for every residence and being in the construction business, I plan on providing a SolarTown 1 kW solar system for all my upcoming projects,” commented a SolarTown customer.

The off-grid solar rooftop systems provided by SolarTown were fully operational during all three days of the grid shutdown. They continued to operate even with overhead clouds.

“Committed to constant innovation, SolarTown has developed a hybrid solution which includes solar microinverters, solar PV, and battery which can work on-grid as well as off-grid during power shutdowns,” commented Vikram. SolarTown has successfully implemented this technology into a rooftop solution for residential and small commercial installations throughout Chennai.

Vikram further commented that this hybrid technology is the need of the hour, particularly in the wake of the recent floods in Chennai and subsequent power cuts. In a recent installation in Thiruvanmiyur, a community of Chennai, SolarTown’s hybrid system helped cut electricity costs and provided uninterrupted power supply.

Most of SolarTown off-grid customers have purchased their solar system outright allowing customers to take advantage of accelerated depreciation tax benefits, with payback periods as low as five years.

In addition to purchasing a solar system, SolarTown offers homeowners and businesses the ability to lease a solar rooftop system with no money down and a fixed monthly lease rate guaranteed to be lower than the DISCOMs, shielding them from rising electricity rates.