Sullivan Solar Power partners with Grid Alternatives to provide free solar panels for low-income houses in Chula Vista


Grid Alternatives volunteers installed a rooftop solar power system at the event for a Chula Vista family of seven.

One of California’s largest solar power companies, Sullivan Solar Power recently launched the innovative Chula Vista Solar Program which resulted in 204,412 watts of solar power deployed in the city. Each of the 29 program participants received cash back from Sullivan Solar Power for their solar projects. Collectively, the incentives totaled more than $60,000 and helped build a stronger solar community less dependent on nonrenewable resources like unreliable nuclear power and imported fossil fuels.

For each program participant, Sullivan Solar Power donated one locally manufactured solar panel to Grid Alternatives, the California Solar Initiative administrator of the SASH (Single-family Affordable Solar Homes) program. The successful Chula Vista Solar Program led to free solar installations for three low-income residential properties in Chula Vista. The project featured today is a 2,485 watt solar power installation at the Yescas residence, which will save the family more than $18,000 over the warranty lifetime of the system.

“We decided to go solar because of the environmental benefits, and we wanted to save money on our electricity bill,” said Elizabeth Yescas-Beitia. “Our family is grateful to have solar for free through the Grid Alternatives program, and we are appreciative to all the Sullivan Solar Power customers in Chula Vista who helped make it happen.”

Chula Vista city councilwoman Pamela Bensoussan commended Sullivan Solar Power for the public-private collaboration of the community initiative. Sullivan Solar Power has run many similar incentive programs for communities throughout Southern California, but with the Chula Vista Solar Program the firm was compelled to work with residents and go the extra mile to provide solar power systems to those who need it most.

"Partnering with Grid Alternatives aligns with our solar programs which are designed to help entire communities go solar,” said Daniel Sullivan, founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power. “Not only did Chula Vista residents get paid to go solar for their new solar projects, they helped their neighboring families like the Yescas enjoy the same energy savings.”

The City of Chula Vista recently awarded Sullivan Solar Power a one million watt solar project which will span across six different city facility sites. The company will combine this municipal project and the successful Chula Vista Solar Program to deploy more solar in the City of Chula Vista than any other company in California. As part of Sullivan Solar Power’s commitment to spur economic growth within the community, Sullivan has committed to purchase materials from local businesses, such as CES and Fastenal to complete the projects.

"California leads the nation in solar power, and Chula Vista is now second only to the City of San Diego for the most solar power installed by a municipality in our county,” said Cheryl Cox, mayor of Chula Vista. “Public private partnerships like the Chula Vista Solar Program are helping our city increase our energy independence.”

In light of the success of the Chula Vista Solar Program, Sullivan Solar Power recently launched the San Diego Solar Program, a countywide initiative which allows homeowners to go solar for $0 down and receive up to $1,500 cash-back. This latest endeavor is the largest privately funded solar rebate program ever introduced in the State of California and is expected to provide over $800,000 in incentives to participants.