Taking Lead in High-Efficiency Module, Talesun to Build You A New PV Future


On June 4-6, 2019, The 13th SNEC PV Power Expo was successfully held in Shanghai. Being as the world’s Tier 1 module manufacturer, Talesun focus on brand service and technology innovation. During the expo, Talesun exhibited multiple sorts of high efficiency module products and BIPV solutions, and demonstration of larger wafer, HDT and cast mono brings a new climax of PV solar products.

In the approaching of high efficiency module, Talesun takes the lead in launching five sorts of new modules. Generating higher efficiency of BISTAR series is promoted observably by overlay technique of larger cells 72 pieces with size 158.72cm. There into the power of poly PERC module reaches to 385W and power of mono PERC module can be 410W, the most outstanding is power of mono PERC module HIPRO78 reaches up to 430W, which is intra-industry technology benchmark.

High efficiency PV module includes not only mono PV products, but also analogous mono PV products developed by advanced cast mono technology in PV industrial, which power is up to 390W meanwhile PV decay is controlled. Analogous mono PV products achieves high efficiency like mono PV products with low cost like poly PV products.

As an admired updated generation of cell technology in the industry, HDT has become another highlight of the high-efficiency products on this expo. It adopts symmetrical structure and is constructed into dual glass bifacial module to realize bifacial power generation. The maximum power of Talesun HDT dual glass bifacial module is up to 330W, which is 10%-20% higher than that of traditional cell module. And the installation area, cables, labor cost and other expenses required by HDT are less than traditional cell module. Therefore, the annual average generated power can be increased by more than 18% than traditional cell, which has been well received by customers.

On the first day of the expo, Talesun proposed “Build green PV products, Make better future” and unveiled BIPV solutions and PV products, inaugurating module application on low energy building for the first time.

On the BIPV launch, Talesun launched creative PV-W series of PV module products: BIPV Roof Tile, BIPV Curtain Wall and BIPV Roof Top series. PV-W products combine PV modules and building materials, And the BIPV applications to different scenes brings the win-win solutions for PV industry and the construction industry.  The new BIPV products are applauded widely once launched by distributors and customers.

Firstly, BIPV Roof Tile series of PV products combine the advantage of good looking and durability. It adopts mono cell with excellent seal capacity instead of traditional roof tiles, which increasing the life. Also, the products is made from high transparency bending glass with various color to meets multiple building styles and application scenes.

Secondly, BIPV Curtain Wall series of PV products adopt PV inclusion into glass instead of traditional glass wall to achieve 20%-60% of light transmittance. The products has passed national 3C certification and two times IEC certification etc. Color PVB package is available to be widely used for all kinds of building walls and daylighting roofs.

Thirdly, BIPV Roof Top series of PV products adopts modularized frame and laminated glass with easier installation and safer A class fire prevention, compared with normal module products. So that they are widely used for vehicles shed, agriculture greenhouse and other public constructions.

Besides, Talesun launched Super Module with power at least 425W to global market, which is most acceptable and popular 4.0 PV module in the industrial with the advantage of easier mass production, lower cost, higher output and higher yield and, takes lead in LCOE.

Professionals from TUV SUD, ZYF Construction Group, PV Magazine etc., were invited to Talesun new products launch and discussed the development of BIPV and green building trend in the future. They all conclude that Talesun products has the advantage of sufficient use of land source compared with traditional PV station and will make better application value for users and is with better market prospective in future.

Grid parity brings unlimited possibilities to PV products applications and efficiency improvements. With the good opportunity of SNEC, and continuous technology innovation and progressive brand service, Talesun is promoting BIPV solutions and open a new era of PV solar products applied in large scale to multiple scenes.