Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Partners with Blueleaf Energy for a “Brewed by the Sun” Solar PV project, paving the way for clean energy adoption


Brewed by the Sun is the project under Heineken’s sustainability strategy to reduce its environmental footprint from beer production activities through the adoption of renewable energy in the form of solar power at its production sites.

Thum Chee Yuen, Managing Director of Thai Asia Pacific Brewery, said, “In everything we do, we are ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations. This is an important milestone in our efforts to reduce our CO2 output for our next growth chapter. Our ambition and targets are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and achieve results that meet HEINEKEN's commitment on our path to net zero. Everyone has a role to play in contributing to climate action, and we see this as our responsibility to act now.

Under HEINEKEN company, Thai Asia Pacific Brewery installed a high performing solar PV system at the TAP brewery. Brewing with the help of solar power reinforces TAP’s mission to pursue a path to sustainability with 100% renewable energy while contributing to Heineken’s ambition to be an organization that achieves net-zero emissions from all of its production sites by 2030, along with carbon neutrality across the entire value chain by 2040.

This solar farm spans four acres of land, which is the equivalent of two football fields. Once the solar power is fully utilized, electricity consumption from renewable energy sources will account for 30% of total electricity consumption and reduce carbon emissions by 720 tons CO2e/year or 1.48 kgCO2e/hl for beer producing scheduled to run for the next 10 years under the Brewed by the Sun project,  TAP will generate approximately 1,700 megawatt hours of clean energy annually, enough power to meet the annual power consumption of 736 households or approximately 30% of households located in Sai Yai sub-district.

Under the Brewed by the Sun project, TAP signed a power purchase agreement with Blueleaf Energy, one of the Asia Pacific’s leading renewable energy companies, where Blueleaf Energy has invested, designed, built, and will continue to maintain and operate the system throughout the term of the agreement.

Raghuram Natarajan, CEO of Blueleaf Energy, said “With a strong presence in Asia, Blueleaf Energy is delighted to partner with Heineken in their sustainability commitments through the TAP solar project in Thailand. We are witnessing rising uptake of green energy in the region, as industry leaders increasingly embrace solar energy as a clean, reliable, and cost-efficient option to power their operations, thereby setting a benchmark for responsible business practices.”

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