Trina Solar once again awarded the Seal “Top Brand PV” in Germany


The PV module, solutions and services provider Trina Solar has once again been

awarded the “Top Brand PV” seal in the “Modules” category in Germany. EuPD

Research awards this seal only to leading photovoltaic manufacturers who have

completed an in-depth quality check.

Therefore, Trina Solar now belongs to the worldwide elite brands in the solar industry. The seal is awarded each year only to those manufacturers whose brands are rated unusually highly in comparison to their competitors by installers. Trina Solar has received top marks for their brand, brand awareness and market penetration for the second time running in an independent installer survey by the Bonn based market and opinion research institute EuPD Research.

The “Top Brand PV“ seal was developed by EuPD Research in 2010 as a way of objectively evaluating the brand management strategies of module and inverter manufacturers. The branch seal is awarded after the completion of a complex market analysis based on qualified statements regarding the brand awareness of market intermediaries and the buying behavior of their customers. This way, manufacturers receive an unfiltered assessment of their own brand as well as feedback on where potential lies to optimize their brand management.

For wholesalers, installers and end customers, the PV seal provides an independent aid for orientation when choosing a premium brand. Trina Solar now once more belongs to the small group of elite brands worldwide who are qualified to carry the seal.

Ulrich Mamat, Regional Sales Director and Managing Director of Trina Solar Germany, explained: “It is an honor to receive the Top Brand PV award in back-to-back years. We have continually increased our brand awareness over the last few years – our strong local presence, with contacts on the ground, has been crucial to achieving this. Furthermore, we see ourselves as a partner to our customers, offering not only modules of the highest quality but also value-added services as a key part of our portfolio. For example, installers benefit from the training opportunities provided by the Trina Solar Training Academy, and from our popular Partner Plus program, which was very well received and played a major role in increasing awareness of the Trina Solar brand.”