Valoe Takes Part in a EUR 15 Million EU Horizon 2020 Research Project


The objective of the research project is to substantially improve the competitiveness of the EU PV manufacturing industry by developing manufacturing solutions for high-performance and low-cost modules with excellent environmental profiles. The project duration is 36 months and the project’s budget totals approximately EUR 15 million. The partners in the consortium include Europe’s leading research institutes specialising in solar energy and related solutions as well as the leading materials technology companies. Valoe is the only solar cell manufacturer in the project. Valoe’s share in the project is approximately EUR two million for which the EU would provide a grant of EUR 1.4 million.

At the project’s preparation phase the parties agree on practical measures such as final roles and responsibilities between the parties. The preparation phase is expected to be completed during the last quarter of 2019 when the final project agreement will be signed.

Iikka Savisalo, CEO of Valoe: ”This project is very important for Valoe and the EU funding supports the company’s strategy. Valoe’s long-term development work and its results have been acknowledged by Europe’s leading specialists and other operators within the industry, which is even more important for us. We do our best to leverage the project and the new partnerships within the consortium in order to accelerate Valoe’s commercial success!”