Wuxi Suntech signs contract with Solar Silicon Technology for supplying PV modules


Relying upon Shunfeng International’s reliable quality industry chain and platform resources in the global clean energy field, Suntech, entering the market of Russia in 2017, develops several cooperative projects with Solar Silicon Technology, in the PV field, through a positive market layout.

Such cooperation is shown by their joint completion of two PV power stations respectively with the installed capacity of 15MW, which have been both successfully connected to the grid for generation and are now operating well and bringing stable economic benefits to customers while energy conservation and emission reduction is achieved.

Russia, with a vast territory, has an increasing demand for renewable energy sources, along with its economy booming. Following the development strategy of China, “the Belt and Road”, this time Solar Silicon Technology and Suntech again cooperate with each other and conclude a module supply agreement, based on previous good cooperation, which also indicates Solar Silicon Technology’s trust in Suntech products.

Suntech will insist on supplying high-efficiency quality modules, perfect in-depth services, customized products, and multiple cooperation channels as always, in the hope of achieving a win-win situation in the most cost-effective way and making more people enjoy green energy!