Quality Roundtable series

Since 2015 pv magazine has been hosting its Quality Roundtable events, which are highly interactive workshops addressing investors, EPCs, installers, project developers and manufacturers.


Forthcoming event:

5th pv magazine Quality Roundtable

Where: at Intersolar Europe ICM Conference Center, June 1, 2.30 pm to 5 pm, in Munich, room 5

What: In recent years pv magazine has highlighted a large number of case in which the quality of PV components has fallen short of what is expected by project developers and, importantly, investors. Through the discussion of these cases at a series of Quality Roundtable events, much has been learned. The importance of high quality PV materials, components and array construction has been highlighted and discussed.

Working from tips offs and detailed reports from investors, insurers, project developers and EPCs, pv magazine has carried out a series of investigations into cases in which quality has not lived up to expectations.

pv magazine now wants to bring the discussions to the next level. At the 2017 Quality Roundtable Europe, key questions regarding quality will be defined in granular detail in interviews with investors and a survey on quality, with invited experts providing input into how quality can be maintained, and poor outcomes avoided. As with previous Quality Roundtable events, all participants will be invited into this crucial discussion.

The term ’roundtable’ should be taken literally: all participants are experts and bring valuable answers and contributions to the quality discussion.

More information will follow.

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