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A true beginning – how the IRA persuaded us to invest in the US

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has opened a new door for US solar manufacturers, as one of the executives behind a US-Jordanian project to bring PV production to the US explains.


Solar in exchange for desalinated water

Israel and Jordan have agreed to pair 600 MW of solar with an undisclosed amount of storage. The deal, which was brokered by the United Arab Emirates at COP27, will see Jordan provide electricity to Israel in exchange for desalinated water.


Rooftop PV to reduce cooling demand of uninsulated buildings

The shading effect of rooftop PV systems may help reduce cooling demand in uninsulated buildings by over 10% in the summer, according to new research from Jordan. The scientists also found that a rooftop array may increase a building’s heating load in the winter by 3.8%.


Photovoltaics for multistage flash desalinators

Scientists have investigated how utility-scale solar may be used to power multistage flashing-brine recirculation (MSF-BR) water desalination plants in Aqaba, Jordan. They found the facility would be sufficient to provide the entire city with drinking water. The proposed system configuration comprises a 30 MW solar plant and a standar MSF-BR unit.


PV-powered heat pump system for commercial swimming pool heating

Researchers in Jordan have designed a solar-assisted heat pump system for swimming pool heating at a hotel in the coastal city of Aqaba. They found that the system has a payback time of only 1.94 years and that total profits after ten years of operations may reach around $1.88 million.

A beacon of distributed solar light

Solar energy is not only key to the energy transition and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; it is also a way to empower remote and rural communities that are isolated from easy access to electricity. Across the globe, distributed solar solutions are being implemented to improve the well-being of individuals, communities, and businesses by providing access to clean, affordable energy. Huawei technology is at the heart of many of these solutions, as the following case studies from Africa and the Middle East demonstrate.

Locally-made panels used in 50 MW Jordanian solar project

The Al Husainiyah solar plant, 200km south of Jordanian capital Amman, began commercial operations a week ago with more than 200,000 panels manufactured by 30% joint owner Philadelphia Solar.


Renewables compete with coal and shale oil as Jordan pursues energy independence

The kingdom has had a ban on new large scale clean energy projects since January 2019 as Covid-19 exacerbated a situation in which generation capacity already outstripped supply. Lifting that embargo, and re-starting renewables auctions would be a step in the right direction, according to IRENA.

Five commercial offtakers for $33m Jordanian solar portfolio

Telecomms, retail and garment manufacturing businesses have signed up to consume the electricity to be generated by eight solar projects in Jordan which will harness grid infrastructure to transfer an estimated 81 GWh of clean power annually.

Passive cooling with porous materials for PV modules

Researchers in the Middle East have proposed a new passive technology to cool off solar modules, based on highly conductive porous materials.


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