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Entire village in Malawi to receive solar in pilot project

It is hoped 100% solar home system installation–with householders able to buy, or lease on a PAYG basis–will offer a template for installation in remote communities across Africa.


20 MW/5 MWh solar-plus-storage project set to begin construction in Malawi

The Golomoti solar plant is expected to come online in 2022. The plant will be used to provide grid stability and reduce national dependence on diesel generators and hydroelectric generation.

African utilities wary of threat from renewables

The rise of clean energy and prosumers, net metering and greenhouse gas regulation all figure among the bogeymen as far as national electric companies are concerned.


Large scale PV project in Malawi gets financial support from African Trade Insurance Agency

The 37 MW PV project is part of Malawi’s action plan to free the country from its dependence on hydropower, which currently accounts for over 90% of its energy supply.

Solarcentury chief calls for policy support for UK solar on day Boris Johnson is anointed

The London-based developer revealed blockbusting annual figures which show it is debt free, has almost £20 million in the bank, raked in more than half that figure in net profits in 2018-19 and expects twice as much in a year’s time.


20MW floating-ground mount PV project gets 25-year PPA in Malawi

The plant is being developed by German company Droege Energy as an unsolicited IPP project. The electricity produced by the floating array will be bought by local utility Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Limited (ESCOM).

JCM kicks off EPC tender for 20 MW solar project in Malawi

Malawian independent power producer Golomoti JCM Solar Corporation Limited is planning a PV plant in Golomoti, 100km south east of Lilongwe. The project will sell power to utility ESCOM under a long-term PPA.

Malawi launches 20 MW solar tender

Utility Egenco is seeking developers for a large-scale solar power plant in Salima, in central Malawi.


Construction begins on 60 MW solar park in Malawi

The large-scale power plant is being built by JCM Matswani Solar Corp Limited. A 20-year PPA has been signed with the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Limited (ESCOM).

PPA signed for 60 MW Malawi solar project

JCM Matswani Solar Corp Limited has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Limited (ESCOM) for a 60 MW solar PV project.