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North Korea

South Korea plans 120 GW space solar project

Two Korean research institutes are designing the 2.2 km × 2.7 km Korean Space Solar Power Satellite project with the aim of providing approximately 1 TWh of electricity to the Earth per year. The proposed system should use 4,000 sub-solar arrays of 10 m × 270 m, made out of thin film roll-out, with a system power efficiency of 13.5%.


First attempt to build perovskite solar cell based on ionic liquids delivers 13.8% efficiency

North Korean researchers have designed a perovskite solar cell with an absorber treated with ionic liquids. The device reportedly offers improved passivation and fewer recombination losses.

North Korea plans 2.5 GW solar plant with Chinese help

China will build the huge solar park at its own cost for its energy-hungry neighbor in exchange for access to rare earths. The project was announced by the Association of China Rare Earth Industry.

Korean Peninsula tensions having little impact on solar relations with China, says analyst

Despite reports suggesting China’s anger at South Korea’s deployment of anti-missile defense systems has aggravated a slump in Korean solar imports, analysis of import data shows this not to be the case.


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