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Deye releases residential hybrid inverter

Chinese manufacturer Deye says its new three-phase residential hybrid inverter system has a rated output power ranging from 14 kW to 20 kW.


Residential PV power forecasting method based uniquely on direct radiation

Researchers in Spain have created a novel PV forecasting method that uses only direct radiation as a parameter. They found it to be “comparable, if not superior” to four established forecasting techniques. The method could help homeowners with PV systems decide when to use electricity-intensive appliances and cleaning systems.

EDF wins Israeli PV tender with bid of $0.019/kWh

EDF has won an Israeli solar tender with a bid of $0.019/kWh, securing a 100 MW project to sell energy at a record price of ILS 0.07 ($0.02)/kWh.


Anker launches new all-in-one home storage solution

Anker has developed a new all-in-one home storage solution with up to 30 kWh of capacity, available in single-phase and three-phase configurations.


GoodWe unveils double-glass TOPCon bifacial solar modules

GoodWe has developed new double-glass tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) bifacial solar modules for its Polaris series, available in 530 W and 580 W variants.


Photovoltaics for cold climate data centers

A Japanese-Finnish research group has assessed the levelized cost of energy of solar power plants supplying electricity to data centers in cold climates and has found that PV electricity could be considerably cheaper than grid electricity, even if used with battery storage.

EDF invests in Israeli robotic agrivoltaics startup, which is developing a robotic operating system for existing photovoltaic infrastructure, has raised $2 million from EDF and Zemach Regional Industries. The company says it will soon set up commercial fields.


Solar for small-scale brewing

Researchers in Spain have investigated the potential of using photovoltaic (PV) or photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) systems in microbreweries and have found that PVT systems can cover more energy demand but have a longer payback time.


TBEA launches new 1,500 V string inverter

TBEA has developed a new 1,500 V string inverter with a maximum efficiency of 99.02%, maximum power point tracking (MPPT), a maximum input current of 65 A, and a maximum short circuit current of 115 A.

How to make seaports into energy communities with PV, wave energy

Researchers have simulated the operation of seven renewable energy communities in the Port of Naples and found them to offer lower life cycle costs. Using varying capacities of solar and wave energy, they were able to optimize the system to a 90% self-consumption rate. They also offered a scheme for the management of a port energy community.

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