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Next2Sun launcht den „bifacialen Solarzaun“ : Eine spannende Anwendung in der Eigenerzeugung

Der „bifaciale Solarzaun“ ist in verschiedenen Varianten für viele Anwendungsfälle in den Segmenten Eigenheim, Gewerbe und Landwirtschaft erhältlich. Es gibt eine einreihige Variante mit der üblichen Zaunhöhe von ca. 1,20 bis 1,60 Meter und eine zweireihige für höhere Einfriedungen. Ferner ist neben einer auf Verschattungsminimierung und Montageeffizienz optimierten Variante auch eine Premium-Version für besonders repräsentative Bauten erhältlich.

Fewer gaps, more power: RECOM’s PUMA series shingled PV modules

In this pv magazine Spotlight, we will discover RECOM’s corporate profile and the technology behind the PUMA series. The module’s shingled interconnection approach eliminates more gaps than many other ‘high-density’ designs, delivering higher watts per square meter.

Hide and seek – Meet the demand for more aesthetic PV Modules with Ulbrich’s newest product

In this pv magazine Spotlight, Ulbrich will be releasing its newest product: A new PV ribbon solution to bring module production for full black design without additional processing steps, as well as explaining how BRR will change module production for fully black modules, and the plug and play solution for module manufacturers.

GoodWe’s residential hybrid A-ES inverter – integrated with Tigo Rapid Shutdown

In this pv magazine Spotlight, you will learn how the A-ES offers 50% DC input oversizing and is designed with terminals for two batteries, with options for two different brands of batteries capable of operating simultaneously. It can supply power to critical loads when the grid is compromised.

Maximum efficiency at work – Fronius’ GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter

In this pv magazine Spotlight, Leonhard Peböck, at Fronius International Product Marketing, will provide a quick and comprehensive overview of all the features of the company’s new hybrid inverter, the GEN24 Plus which is hybrid inverter has been ranked the most efficient for operating a household system with a large solar PV system (10 kW peak), heat pump and electric vehicle.

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