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GoodWe’s residential hybrid A-ES inverter – integrated with Tigo Rapid Shutdown

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Bruce Ludemann , US Country Manager, GoodWe
Zvi Alon, CEO, Tigo

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GoodWe’s residential hybrid A-ES inverter - integrated with Tigo Rapid Shutdown

Earlier this year, GoodWe’s A-ES inverter won the 2020 pv magazine Annual Awards’ Inverter Category for its innovative adaptation of the internationally successful ES energy storage solution to the specific requirements of the United States market. In this pv magazine Spotlight, you will learn how the A-ES offers 50% DC input oversizing and is designed with terminals for two batteries, with options for two different brands of batteries capable of operating simultaneously.

With its four MPPTs, the A-ES is designed to maximize self-consumption in areas with high electricity prices, low FiT, and peak shaving. It can supply power to critical loads when the grid is compromised.

During our pv magazine Spotlight, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the US country manager of GoodWe to answer your questions about the A-ES series.

Also, you will have the chance to get first-hand insights into how to integrate the inverter and guarantee rapid shutdown by Tigo’s CEO, a long-time partner of GoodWe’s.

This pv magazine Spotlight includes information on the features of GoodWe’s A-ES series hybrid inverter:

  • UPS function
  • DC Input Oversizing capability
  • Battery capabilities in emergency situations
  • Safety features such as AFCI & Rapid Shutdown

Join this Spotlight to get a peek behind the scenes with the hybrid inverter and its features!

Questions can be submitted during the Spotlight through a chat window. pv magazine hosts this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, who is responsible for the content. We look forward to your participation!


Bruce Ludemann, US Country Manager, GoodWe

Bruce Ludemann is the GoodWe USA Country Manager. During his 30+ year career Bruce has held leadership roles in traditional and renewable energy companies including Solarfun, Hanwha, Siemens and ABB.

Zvi Alon, CEO, Tigo

Zvi Alon is the CEO and Chairman of Tigo Energy, Inc. In Silicon Valley, he has had a successful business career over the last 30 years as an executive, partner, and advisor to various venture capital groups in high tech, clean tech, and real estate.

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