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Inverter & Monitoring Solutions

Ground-mounted PV system Safety Examined

Safety is paramount when it comes to installing, servicing and maintaining a PV system, for system/asset owners, firefighters, and installers alike. In this pv magazine Spotlight, SolarEdge will introduce its new S-Series optimizers and discuss how their features contribute also to the safety of ground-mounted and carport installations.

Power platform: FIMER’s new residential solutions

Markets worldwide are seeing an increasing demand for residential solar PV and storage. In this pv magazine Spotlight, Florian Chan, Managing Director Residential Line of Business at FIMER, will introduce the three new products and explain how they make for the quickest and easiest-to-install solutions on the market.

Ready for solar autarky – Studer’s three-phase battery inverter with built-in solar

Inverters have a key role to play, with new products requiring the inherent versatility to meet the different needs of residential PV systems. In this pv magazine Spotlight, Pierre-Olivier Moix, CTO at Studer and the technical coordinator of the project’s development, will introduce the next3 and walk us through the software, monitoring, and user interface.

Utility-scale inverter by GoodWe– A long list of functions lowers system and O&M costs

In this pv magazine Spotlight, you will hear from Ali Bouattour, Technical Manager of GoodWe EMEA, on how GoodWe’s new inverter leads to lower investment costs, ensures enhanced reliability, and he will provide further details about O&M. Questions can be submitted during the Spotlight through a chat window.

GoodWe’s residential hybrid A-ES inverter – integrated with Tigo Rapid Shutdown

In this pv magazine Spotlight, you will learn how the A-ES offers 50% DC input oversizing and is designed with terminals for two batteries, with options for two different brands of batteries capable of operating simultaneously. It can supply power to critical loads when the grid is compromised.

Maximum efficiency at work – Fronius’ GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter

In this pv magazine Spotlight, Leonhard Peböck, at Fronius International Product Marketing, will provide a quick and comprehensive overview of all the features of the company’s new hybrid inverter, the GEN24 Plus which is hybrid inverter has been ranked the most efficient for operating a household system with a large solar PV system (10 kW peak), heat pump and electric vehicle.

Get your LCOE down – With the world’s most powerful string inverter by Sungrow

Due to lack of flat land, solar plants are now installed over complex environmental conditions like hillsides, coastal areas, and desert regions. In this vein, Sungrow introduces the world’s most powerful 1500V string inverter. In this first pv magazine Spotlight, you will hear how the company’s product allows tinkering with CAPEX and OPEX to effectively bring down a projects LCOE.

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