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Ready for solar autarky – Studer’s three-phase battery inverter with built-in solar

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Inverters have a key role to play, with new products requiring the inherent versatility to meet the different needs of residential PV systems. In this pv magazine Spotlight, Pierre-Olivier Moix, CTO at Studer and the technical coordinator of the project’s development, will introduce the next3 and walk us through the software, monitoring, and user interface.


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Ready for solar autarky – Studer’s three-phase battery inverter with built-in solar

Many energy storage systems promise autonomy and backup power. However, manufacturers seldom say what this claim really means. Until now. In this upcoming pv magazine Spotlight, Studer Innotec will talk about the launch of its new product, specifically focusing on this topic. The manufacturer, known for its off-grid solutions for mountain huts or houses in remote regions around the world, among others, is now bringing the autonomy and backup functionalities for grid-tied systems for single-family homes.

CTO Pierre-Olivier Moix sees great advantages in Studer Innotec’s new product compared to standard hybrid PV inverters or energy storage systems in terms of how autarky is achieved, how grid feedback is reduced, and how comfortable living can be in power outage situations. The next3 not only supplies but also manages a three-phase network in single-family homes, regardless of whether they are on- or off-grid, supplying every consumer with up to 15 kilowatts of nominal AC power and 30 kilowatts of peak power.

In on-grid cases, the integrated smart energy management system increases self-consumption by regulating heat pumps and other electrical consumptions. What’s more, this is carried out in each phase, which will please many network operators, according to Moix.

Meanwhile, when the grid is down or non-existent, the system automatically switches loads on and off in a way that the critical loads can be continuously supplied. The system also covers power peaks in the case of start-up-currents from heat pumps, for example, which is not possible with under-dimensioned devices.

Autarky in this case means the autonomy to decide whether to add an electric vehicle to the system or increase your electrical demand without depending on grid conditions and system limitations.

pv magazine Spotlight content:

  • Exclusive launch of the new three-phase battery inverter next3
  • In-depth description of the product features and development
  • next3’s software, monitoring, and user interface
  • Demonstration of the AC flex interface
  • Q&A

Join this pv magazine Spotlight for the launch of the next3 and an exclusive first look. You can submit your questions beforehand, or during the Spotlight through a chat window. Registration for our Spotlights is free of charge.

pv magazine is hosting this Spotlight on behalf of our partner, Studer Innotec, which is responsible for the content.

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Pierre-Olivier Moix | CTO & board member, Studer Innotec

Pierre-Olivier Moix holds a MSc in electrical engineering by the EPFL with 18+ years of professional experience in the renewable energy sector, since he started working during two years for the launch of the solar plane project, Solar Impulse. Pierre-Oliver joined then Studer as R&D engineer developing power electronics. Since 2019, Pierre-Oliver is board member and CTO at Studer. In addition, he is the co-founder of, an installation company of high-altitude offgrid installations running since 2014.

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