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German renewables surpass 40% of electricity generation in 2018

German research institute Fraunhofer ISE found that electricity generation from PV systems has increased 16% to reach 45.7 terawatt-hours, with photovoltaics comprising 8.4% of total generation.


California blows through solar power, renewable energy output records

California has set a new record for peak output of utility-scale solar at more than 10.5 GW, as well as for renewable energy overall. However, the state’s grid operator is still curtailing solar and wind while hydro and the last nuclear plant run full-steam.


Seasonal patterns show a need for more solar in the U.S. electricity mix

An abundance of hydroelectric power and wind is pushing up renewable energy in the spring months, but there is a need for more power during the summer peak, as well as issues with the geographic location of resources.


Renewables generate (almost) as much U.S. power as nuclear during H1 2017

The DOE’s latest numbers show renewables rising to 20.05% of U.S. electricity generation during the first half of the year, just behind nuclear’s 20.07%. Solar provided 2% of electricity, and wind 7%.


Germany installs 450 MW of solar in December

End of year surge in installations pushes annual total towards 1.5 GW – a slightly higher figure than that recorded in 2015. Tumbling module costs in Europe have aided this upturn, with small-scale solar installations predominant.

Energy expert survey finds admiration for German energy policy, but they don’t plan on copying it

A recent survey of energy experts from 42 countries conducted by the German member committee of the World Energy Council has found that the majority of the experts follow and admire the German policy, but do not consider it to be the blueprint for the rest of the world.


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