Energy expert survey finds admiration for German energy policy, but they don’t plan on copying it


The German energy policy, the Energiewende, often considered to be a divisive scheme, is undoubtedly progressive, which has invited the scrutiny of energy experts upon it. The most recent survey of energy experts to gather their opinions on the policy has found that it is a respects program, but one that would not be expected to function universally across the world.

Undeniably, the Energiewende is observed by energy experts, as 58% of the respondents answered that they are closely following the German energy transition, which the policy was adopted to assist. And while 80% of the respondents said that at least some parts of the policy could be adapted for their countries, 60% said that it could not serve as a blueprint for the rest of the world.

“German energy policies are increasingly stimulating the international energy policy discussions, while the survey clearly shows that the concept as a whole is not considered to be transmittable, or even only in parts, as being transferable,” commented Managing Director of Weltenergierat – Deutschland Carsten Rolle.

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Interestingly, another aspect of the survey quizzed the respondents on the motivation for energy transition, finding that a much higher percentage of Europeans considered climate protection the most important motivation for an energy transition than other parts of the world. In fact, 45% of European respondents listed climate protection as the most important motivation, while only 5% of the rest of the respondents chose climate protection as their most important motivation.

“Outside Europe, the hunger for safe energy and economic growth is a far more powerful driver for an energy transition than climate protection,” added Rolle. “In order to really be able to export our energy transition and new technologies, we have to support the countries much more in tackling their respective challenges.”

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