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Moduły fotowoltaiczne TOPCon typu N podbijają polski rynek fotowoltaiczny

Podczas webinaru pv magazine Jinko Solar zaprezentuje własną technologię TOPCon, a także przeanalizuje trendy rynkowe. Do webinarium dołączy także Menloelectric i Polenergii, który omówi potencjał technologii TOPCon na polskim rynku.

M10 options for the European market

In this pv magazine Webinar, Chinese manufacturer JA Solar will present its M10 DeepBlue 3.0 modules based on gallium-doped technology for either rooftop or large-scale applications and define the specific applications that each of its products may have in the European PV market.

Maximizing energy independence: New battery storage and inverter solutions from Sunways

In this pv magazine Webinar, two new inverters and a battery energy storage system (BESS) from German-originated power electronics specialist Sunways will be announced. Inverter trends and energy storage technology will also be discussed, including what installers should know and be able to pass on to customers.

From MW to GW lines: The safest way to scale up

As the need for renewable energy and local supply chains to produce it becomes ever clear, new players in diverse regions are moving into the world of PV manufacturing. Meanwhile, factory sizes are increasing and manufacturers new and old are sitting on ambitious plans to rapidly ramp new facilities and technologies to multi-gigawatt scale. While encouraging, this growth comes with plenty of risk. In this pv magazine Webinar, we look at the latest developments in flexible, high throughput factory equipment, and the role of inspection and data analytics technologies in driving efficient, high-quality manufacturing.

Atteindre une garantie de 40 ans sur les modules grâce à l’analyse des données et à l’ingénierie

Quelle est la durée de vie d’une installation solaire ? Maxeon Solar Technologies propose désormais une garantie combinée de 40 ans sur les produits et les performances. Dans ce webinaire de pv magazine, Maxeon montrera comment elle est parvenue à éliminer les défaillances les plus courantes des modules solaires.

Home Solar+Storage Focus: Smart application trends and tech in EMEA

In this pv magazine Webinar, home storage and its opportunities, challenges, and future are set to be discussed, dissected, and evaluated.

Suitable solar+storage: New residential solutions from Jinko Solar

In this pv magazine Webinar, two new battery energy storage system (ESS) products from JinkoSolar will be announced. Key elements of energy storage technology will also discussed, with technical expertise on hand.

N-type TOPCon solar modules conquering new markets

In this pv magazine Webinar, Jinko Solar will present its own TOPCon technology and analyze market trends and the potential for TOPCon over the coming years, especially for markets in the MENA region. Some business cases will be introduced to present the technology main features that, according to the manufacturer, will make TOPCon modules prevail in the global market.

The upside of TOPCon: high efficiency, low degradation in mass production

Australia’s renowned appetite for new technology, alongside its aggressive utility-scale segment, makes the country a particularly interesting one for manufacturers looking to prove their technological developments at scale. So, what promise does n-type TOPCon hold? And why is it particularly useful in Australia’s hot and increasingly humid climate? In this pv magazine Webinar we’ll be having a closer look at n-type PV cell technology, its benefits as well as challenges.

Where are we headed with off-grid PV?

An increasing number of people choose to design their PV system so it can be used even when the grid power has gone – as a back-up, so to speak. But there are markets where off-grid PV is not the back-up solution, but it is the primary source of power. There are numerous examples ranging from holiday homes and house boats in the south of Europe, to remote farmhouses, and rural regions in Africa and Asia where people don’t always have grid access. To this end, our webinar partner Solis has introduced its latest off-grid inverter which kicks into life at a mere 500 V input voltage.