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How to effectively procure energy storage in 2023

Effectively procuring energy storage is a real challenge today. Automotive buyers are dominating demand for the lithium-ion market, and battery prices have started increasing for the first time. To make matters more challenging, not all battery manufacturers are equal – engaging new suppliers can carry additional commercial and technical risk. In this pv magazine Webinar we will offer a guide to navigating those risks as a buyer of energy storage systems.

How to diversify and grow lead generation without additional ad spend

High-quality leads are the fuel that drives any successful solar business. But, in today’s digital-first world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete for leads on crowded social networks and other lead services. In this pv magazine Webinar, Aurora Solar will share three ways to generate more leads without increasing the marketing spend.

Reduce risk in your solar and storage portfolio

How do we get a higher return from our projects over time? What’s the best way to attach energy storage to solar in new construction or as a retrofit? In what ways can digital tools and automation help and reduce risk over time? These questions and more will be answered in an interactive pv magazine Webinar with our panellists.

Cómo ayudar a O&M, EPCs y propietarios de activos a convertir en éxito los riesgos del boom fotovoltaico

En este pv magazine Webinar, mostrará con ejemplos a las empresas de O&M cómo operar significativamente más activos con el mismo equipo; a los EPC, cómo cumplir los requisitos (incluidas las certificaciones) de los operadores de la red y garantizar una inyección estable y conforme a las normas a un coste asequible; y a propietarios cómo garantizar el retorno de la inversión en activos.

Tecnología TOPCon de alta eficiencia para distintas latitudes en América Latina

En los últimos meses, varios fabricantes de módulos han puesto en marcha ambiciosos planes para construir fábricas de módulos fotovoltaicos de contacto pasivo de óxido de túnel (TOPCon) y la mayoría de ellos han lanzado sus primeros productos. En este seminario web de pv magazine, Yingli Solar presentará su propia tecnología TOPCon, el Panda 3.0 de 565 W con una eficiencia de 21,8%. El fabricante analizará las tendencias del mercado y el potencial de TOPCon en los próximos años, especialmente para los mercados latinoamericanos.

What ultra-powerful string inverters mean for utility-scale and EPCs

String inverters continue to grow in capacity to support the growing size and output of high-power and high-current PV modules becoming more normal at utility-scale. And that’s changing the equation for LCOE, at a critical growth point in the solar industry. In this pv magazine Webinar, we’ll hear from Sungrow about its new maximum-power three-phase 352kVA utility string inverter, the SG350HX, and discuss availability, certifications, and how LCOE is affected.

Technology to navigate a slowing economy and achieve solar installation growth

Supply chain issues, increased interest rates, and a slowing economy are mounting pressures on solar installers today. Many of these economic conditions are out of our control, but there are several tools at the disposal of solar installers to continue growing their business.

In this pv magazine Webinar, together with our partner Aurora Solar, we will demonstrate how solar installers can continue to grow their solar businesses by improving the things that are within their control.

What is solar intelligence?

Just as navigation continues to evolve from paper maps to MapQuest, and on to mobile mapping like Google Maps, solar data has the opportunity to iteratively improve and become more insightful and user-friendly.
In this pv magazine Webinar, we will cover how solar industry members can benefit from the use of data in their businesses and introduce the concept of solar intelligence.

Delivering value in the APAC region

In this pv magazine Webinar we will learn more about how to make ideal technology choices for projects across the Asia Pacific region where energy crises were erupting in the last year. We will also have a sneak preview of the Trina Solar new technologies on its horizon and products launching later in the year.

High performance at scale with HJT

Mainstream PV’s switch to n-type is gathering pace in 2022, and we are already seeing modules based on heterojunction (HJT) and other n-type architectures roll off production lines in increasing numbers. As these modules are deployed in a wider range of projects, the whole industry is keen to see new insight from the operations side. In this pv magazine Webinar, we take a closer look at the technology behind Huasun’s new HJT module series. And we’ll hear from expert project engineers about the benefits and possibilities of working in the field with this new generation of PV modules.

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