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Arctech Solar

Are you tracking or stowing? – A financial analysis of stow strategies

Current large format PV modules trackers already move into stow at lower wind speed thresholds, which means they can be in stow very often, defeating the purpose a tracker is designed for. Arctech’s solution to the problem: raising the wind speed threshold that triggers stow position. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will analyze the economic effects of this as well as review the methodology that Arctech has used to derive the energy yield for the different scenarios considered. DNV will provide feedback on how Arctech can refine its methodology in the future.

Optimized Stow-strategy for higher yields in single-axis tracking

In regions where it’s too windy, stow is the most stable position the modules can assume. However, this is done at a much lower wind than the project design wind speed. In this pv magazine Webinar, tracker manufacturer Arctech will show us how increasing the wind speed threshold, allows for increased tracking time, as well as improved stowing parameters, which minimize energy losses when the tracker is in stow, helping increase the overall energy yield of a tracker project.

Smart tracker design enabled by advanced testing

Next generation of wind tunnel testing can increase confidence for PV plant owners.

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