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Since 2015, pv magazine Webinars are a neutral platform where to have trusted conversations and share knowledge. We work with our partners to deliver our participants an informative and engaging webinar experience. Our webinars are thematically oriented and do not serve the purpose of sales.

Below you can find our upcoming webinars as well as browse through our past webinar recordings.

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Past Webinars

Atteindre une garantie de 40 ans sur les modules grâce à l’analyse des données et à l’ingénierie

Quelle est la durée de vie d’une installation solaire ? Maxeon Solar Technologies propose désormais une garantie combinée de 40 ans sur les produits et les performances. Dans ce webinaire de pv magazine, Maxeon montrera comment elle est parvenue à éliminer les défaillances les plus courantes des modules solaires.

From MW to GW lines: The safest way to scale up

As the need for renewable energy and local supply chains to produce it becomes ever clear, new players in diverse regions are moving into the world of PV manufacturing. Meanwhile, factory sizes are increasing and manufacturers new and old are sitting on ambitious plans to rapidly ramp new facilities and technologies to multi-gigawatt scale. While encouraging, this growth comes with plenty of risk. In this pv magazine Webinar, we look at the latest developments in flexible, high throughput factory equipment, and the role of inspection and data analytics technologies in driving efficient, high-quality manufacturing.

Utility-scale TOPCon – Financial & field performance analysis

A wave of announcements in 2021 saw PV cell and module manufacturers begin what is already shaping up to be a major shift toward n-type technologies, TOPCon cells emerging as an early leader. The products based on these have made big promises in terms of lower project costs, higher energy yield and longer lifetimes. As TOPCon modules become more widely available to buyers in the large-scale segment, it’s important to see how these claims play out in the field. In this pv magazine Webinar, we take a closer look at the features of JinkoSolar’s Tiger NEO modules, and how these are performing, with LCOE and return on investment data from Clenergize, and analysis from TÜV Rheinland of projects already up and running in Australia.

Bridging the certainty gap through a new partnership in quality assurance and insurance

In this pv magazine Webinar, you can learn about a proven partnership that is aiming to provide confidence and protection in module procurement and asset management in an uncertain supply environment. Munich RE’s Green Tech Solutions and independent engineers VDE Renewables combine risk and technology know-how to provide the client with the best quality assurance and insurance program that is looking to overcome the certainty gap. During the webinar, a real-world case study involving a large PV power plant will be presented, that involves a project in which Potential Induced Degradation (PID) seriously impacted power output and revenues.

Cutting costs with remote commissioning

In this pv magazine Webinar, we take a closer look at the process and how it fits into Sungrow’s iSolarCloud monitoring platform. We’ll be treated to a demonstration of the platform in action and hear from an installer already implementing the new process in the field.

Home Solar+Storage Focus: Smart application trends and tech in EMEA

In this pv magazine Webinar, home storage and its opportunities, challenges, and future are set to be discussed, dissected, and evaluated.

Achieving a 40-year module warranty through data science and engineering

How long does a solar system last? On March 3, Maxeon will show how testing, field data, modelling, and design enhancements have given the company enough confidence to support a 40-year warranty.

Distributed benefits: Large wafer modules in rooftop PV

The transition to larger cell formats is well underway, with 182mm and 210mm products together representing almost 50% of the market last year. Discussion of the benefits, however, has often focused on large-scale solar projects. This has left many to wonder whether the space-constrained rooftop segment would also see the lower cost and higher energy yields promised by the new generation of PV modules. In this pv magazine Webinar, we take a closer look at how rooftop PV is managing the transition, and Longi Solar introduces its latest product for this segment, a 54-cell, 410 W module based on the 182mm wafer.

New Fraunhofer study details multi- versus single-MPPT inverters

PV inverter manufacturer Kaco has quantified the compatibility problems of multi-MPPT inverters and high-performance modules in their own study. In this pv magazine Webinar, our speakers will present new research results on the use of multi-MPPT versus single-MPPT inverters and explain why string inverters with only one MPPT do not have such problems compared to multi-MPPT inverters.

Revolutionizing tracker resiliency with Vanguard 1P

In pursuit of unlocking the true potential of 1P and eliminating barriers to utilization, TrinaTracker has developed Vanguard, a new 1P tracker solution designed to conquer the terrain it’s installed on and the wind it will face. In this pv magazine Webinar, Trina Solar will outline the philosophy that went into the design of Vanguard 1P, highlighting how the system has been optimized to perform in a variety of complex scenarios and be installed nearly 20% faster than prior solutions.

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