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Agri-PV: Let’s talk about technology, finance and regulation

In the webinar, we will discuss the tracker manufacturer Valmont-Solar about the development steps that went into the design of their Agri-PV tracker, Convert Tracker.


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If you not only want to harvest the yield from a photovoltaic system, but also want to farm, you need special equipment. Not every tracker can grow wheat, oats, or raspberries under its “wings”. The path to a suitable tracker is a long development story that brings together farmers, equipment manufacturers and the energy sector.

In the webinar, we learn from the tracker manufacturer Valmont-Solar about the development steps that went into the design of their Agri-PV tracker, Convert Tracker. The height, structure and anchoring in the ground must be precisely matched to the subsequent use. Chiara Tarisciotti, Regional Engineering Manager for EMEA at Valmont Solar, will explain the innovations and technical features of the manufacturer’s Convert Tracker, in this webinar.

In addition, Marco Martini, Environmental Engineer from Enel Green Power will join us and provide a view on the investment situation of Agri-PV and what drives big energy companies into venturing into this field. Joining him will be Oltis Dallto, Agri-PV Manager from Juwi Italy, who will also share their experiences with Agri-PV projects from an EPC contractor’s perspective in this webinar. We will go into more detail on legal and energy-economic issues and learn what is important in such projects.

Using two case studies from northern Italy, we will then also look at what Agri-PV with the special tracker looks like in practice. Over the next two years, some EU funding pots will be made available for Agri-PV and many member states will be looking for creative solutions to meet their targets for the expansion of renewable energies. This could be a watershed year for Agri-PV, says Valmont Solar.

In this webinar:

  • History of the development of Agri-PV-Tracker, Convert Tracker
  • Current global landscape of agrivoltaic
  • Practical solutions to operational challenges
  • Future prospects and upcoming trends
  • Case-studies of farming and PV
  • Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand in the comments window when registering or in the chat during the live webinar. Marian Willuhn, editor at pv magazine will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine webinar is free of charge.


Chiara Tarisciotti | Regional Engineering Manager for EMEA, Valmont Solar

Currently serving as the Regional Engineering Manager for EMEA, Chiara Tarisciotti oversees engineering operations across the EMEA region, contributing significantly to the strategic development of Valmont Solar. Prior to her current role, Chiara held the position of Head of EMEA Structural Team. Chiara's journey into leadership began as the Principal Structural Engineer at Convert Italia and over the course of five years she played a pivotal role in driving engineering excellence and innovation within the company. Her career progression reflects her commitment to roles with increasing responsibilities.

Oltis Dallto | Agrivoltaic Manager, Juwi

Oltis Dallto, holding degrees in Civil Engineering, Business Management, and Environmental/Forestry Sciences, served as an external technical advisor for Sardinia in 2021/22. Joining JUWI in 2023 as an agrivoltaic manager, his primary focus is developing and documenting Agri-PV standards for Italy, guiding implementation, and fostering collaborations with key stakeholders. Responsible for global Agri-PV portfolio management, he assesses R&D activities, recommends strategies, and conducts market analysis for JUWI's renewable energy projects.

Marco Martini | Environmental Engineer, Enel

With 4 years in the energy sector, Marco Martini is a specialist environmental engineer who joined Enel Green Power in 2021. Within the Engineering & Construction unit, he plays a role in supporting the development of renewable energy projects and ensuring alignment with conservation and preservation goals for natural habitats. Since the beginning, Marco has been a key contributor to the company's agro-photovoltaic initiatives, combining innovation and sustainable practices. His collaborative approach extends to forging meaningful partnerships with external organizations. Marco actively collaborates with external partners, developing technical specifications on agri-voltaic technology sector.


Marian Willuhn | Editor, pv magazine

Covering news on power electronics, start-ups and inverters, Marian writes for pv magazine’s international, Australian and German news platforms. He also helps edit the German print magazine. Marian previously worked as a PR-advisor for different clients in the renewable energy business.

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