Best Practices for PV Project Development

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Discussion participants

Gwendalyn Bender, Head of Solar Product Development
Clive Lee , Customer Services Specialist, Kipp & Zonen

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Presentation of Gwendalyn Bender from 23 Jan 2017
Presentation of Clive Lee from 23 Jan 2017

Webinar Details

Description: Successful local developers of utility scale projects and well-known international developers inevitably follow the same procedures to build a new plant. The guidelines for early stage utility-scale project development that set up project developers for success are the topic of our second webinar with initiative partner Vaisala. We aim for a better understanding of the standard development processes, because it will be particularly useful for developers if they are interacting with international financiers.

In this webinar, pv magazine editor Christian Roselund will discuss with Vaisala Head of Solar Product Development Gwendalyn Bender the phases of PV project development:

– Location prospecting (using online tools)
– Developing a site (ground station data, equipment selection, etc)
– Financing (bankable energy assessment).

They will define the phases, discuss issues with uncertainty and provide guidance on what the “gold standard” for development looks like internationally, as well as exploring where local practicalities can also come into play.

As a participant of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand or during the webinar.