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Differential settlement and All Terrain Tracker

This webinar will explore differential settlement in detail and provide ways to overcome the process for a utility-scale solar installation.


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Shifting ground underneath a utility-scale solar site can damage trackers and equipment, leading to costly repairs or even complete demolition of a project. One common way a foundation can change post-installation is through a process called differential settlement. This webinar will explore differential settlement in detail and provide ways to overcome the process for a utility-scale solar installation. With the right equipment and action plan, a solar farm can withstand surface changes from differential settlement and stay functioning for decades.

pv magazine Webinar content:

  • Differential settlement—what it is, when and how it happens.
  • How differential settlement affects a utility-scale solar installation.
  • Implementing measures to withstand a shifting foundation.
  • The importance of tracker design in accommodating foundation changes.
  • Understanding a structure’s limitations during a differential settlement event.

Key benefits for participants to attend:

  • Learn about differential settlement—when and how it occurs.
  • Get to know how solar trackers can accommodate differential settlement.
  • Understand structural limitations and how to safeguard a solar project.

Questions can be submitted beforehand in the comments window when registering or in the chat during the live webinar. Anne Fischer, Senior Editor at pv magazine USA, will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine webinar is free of charge.


Jenya Meydbray | Chief Commercial Officer, Nevados

Jenya Meydbray is the Chief Commercial Officer of Nevados, prior to that he co-founded PVEL in 2010 and served as CEO for the past dozen years. Jenya developed the first extended reliability and performance test protocols for the downstream PV industry as well as innovative methods of evaluating PV performance for power plant level risk assessment and mitigation. Prior to founding PVEL, Jenya was the Senior Quality and Reliability Engineer at SunPower where he designed accelerated test methods for high-efficiency solar cells and modules. He began his career at NASA Ames Research Center’s hyper-gravity facilities. He also served as VP of Technology for Cypress Creek Renewables, a utility-scale project developer.

Rahul Chandra | Head of Product Marketing, Nevados

Rahul Chandra, Head of Product Marketing at Nevados, has a wealth of product strategy experience in clean technologies and renewable energy spaces, helping launch and sustain products across multiple industries. Rahul holds a B.S in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.


Anne Fischer | Senior editor, pv magazine USA

Anne Fischer is a senior editor at pv magazine USA. Anne is a seasoned writer, editor, and journalist. Her career has included writing for leading technology publications, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability.

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