Grid code compliance in Europe – Ways to a fast and safe grid connection

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How can grid stability be ensured while grid compliance standards across Europe are changing? Hear from the experts how different regimes lead to different field practices within compliance verification. Join pv magazine and our initiative partner meteocontrol and DNV GL to discuss grid integration.


Discussion participants

Markus Holzapfel, Product Manager Grid Code Compliance & Solutions, meteocontrol
Bernd Hinzer, CEO, DNV GL Renewables Certification and Head of Section Grid Code Compliance, DNV GL ENERGY


Marian Willuhn, Editor, pv magazine

Solar plants are not merely «plugged» into the grid to feed-in power. To maintain a stable and resilient network, there is a range of standards and requirements to fulfill. Even within Europe, the criteria for project owners can vary, which can complicate commissioning on schedule.

In this pv magazine Webinar, meteocontrol will discuss the effects of grid code compliance harmonization in Europe and what it means for project owners. Markus Holzapfel, product manager at meteocontrol, is an expert in grid code compliance of renewable power plants, hardware, and software solutions for controlling power plants and technical operation management of PV plants.

Looking at examples from Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, the difference between compliance by testing and certification will be shown. In Germany, compliance by certification has become standard practice, but in the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland compliance by testing is still an essential part of the commissioning process. Testing procedures, however, are costly and can take up to six months.

Also, joining this session is Bernd Hinzer, the CEO of DNV GL Renewables Certification and head of the grid code compliance section. Drawing on extensive experience, he will discuss how developers, EPCs, component manufacturers, grid operators, and certification bodies have to work hand in hand to enable a successful grid integration of an array. If this close cooperation works smoothly, and a high degree of trust between the various certification bodies of the EU countries is established, a move towards a certification based compliance system is possible.

pv magazine Webinar content:

  • How to handle the different requirements in Europe
  • What you need to know about compliance by testing or certification
  • Real-world examples from Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain
  • Cooperation across the value chain, from component supplier to grid operator

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. The moderator of this pv magazine Webinar is our editor Marian Willuhn.


Markus Holzapfel

Markus Holzapfel is an expert in grid code compliance of renewable power plants, hardware and software solutions for plant control (Power Plant Controller) and technical operation management of PV plants. In his position as product manager at meteocontrol his broad knowledge of worldwide grid connection requirements contributed largely to successful product certifications for the plant controller. He has a strong focus on regulations and their practical application in the context of grid integration of PV power plants, which enables him to continuously drive forward the development of the controller and accompanying services in line with market and project requirements.

Bernd Hinzer

is the CEO of DNV GL Renewables Certification GmbH and Head of Section Grid Code Compliance and has extensive knowledge and experience in certification of electrical behaviour of generation systems of renewable energy. He is familiar with expertise of electrical systems, technical concepts for electrical transmission and distribution and with quality-management-systems. During his long-time practice, he has gained a huge amount of experience in switchgear-technology, earthing and lightning-protection of electrical grids, systems and components. His deep knowledge in the field of certification of generation systems, made him approved as accredited certifier by DAkkS.

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