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Minimizing partial shading yield losses

Shading, where even just a small part of a PV system is left out of the sunlight, can be a significant drag on the energy yield of the entire system. But as solar integrates further into our built environments and other places that don’t offer uniform flat land, it’s an issue that PV module and system designers will have to face head on. Optimizers offer one solution, but building shading resilience into the module itself can have even better outcomes, as we’ll see in this pv magazine Webinar.


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Most rooftop or building-integrated PV installations have to live with some degree of shading, and many more can only be seen as viable for a solar installation once extra action has been taken to reduce the impact of shading. We’ll kick off this webinar with a demonstration from an installer – Christian Carpaij of Planeco – of the effect that shading can have on system design and energy yield potential in both rooftop and ground mounted PV projects.

We then dive into the latest technologies in PV module design, focused on building shading resilience in from the beginning. Hamed Hanifi, head of research and development at AE Solar, will share details of the module manufacturers approach, applying a bypass diode to each individual cell in the module, preventing partial shading from dragging down the entire module’s output.

We then hear about several even newer approaches to shading mitigation that are making their way through the PV research community and out to the market: Nils Klasen of M10 Solar Equipment will share an update on the company’s Shingle Matrix technology, which sees PV cells cut into strips and laid out in an offset pattern, allowing current to bypass the shaded area.

Finally, we’ll pass over to Jan Paschen, scientific researcher in the Photovoltaics Division at Fraunhofer ISE, for a look at some other approaches to module design, incorporating laser processes, that also promise big steps forward in the design of shading-resilient PV modules.

pv magazine Webinar content:

  • Impacts of shading in real-world PV installations
  • Measuring, quantifying, and increasing shading resilience
  • Market ready technologies and the R&D pipeline
  • Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Mark Hutchins, editor at pv magazine, will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.


Christian Carpaij | BSc Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energies, Division manager Engineering, Planeco

Christian Carpaij is a specialist for planning and installing PV power plants. As a project manager he planned and installed many PV installations on roofs of residential buildings, industrial areas, and facades. He joined Planeco during the startup phase in 2014, and since 2020 he has been the team leader of the engineering team.

Hamed Hanifi | Head of Research and Development, AE Solar

Dr. Hamed Hanifi is specialist in Electrical Engineering and Photovoltaics. He earned his M.Sc. from Brandenburg University of Technology and his Ph.D. from Martin Luther University. Dr. Hanifi's career spans from 2015-2021 at Fraunhofer CSP in the groups of Module Technology and Module Reliability, and since 2021, he has been leading the Research and Development department at AESOLAR. His team is dedicated to pioneering PV modules, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring durability. Apart from standard modules, innovations related to Dr. Hanifi and his team are modules for Agrivoltaics, Shade-resistant, and PV-Thermal modules.

Nils Klasen | Technology & Sales Manager, M10 Solar Equipment

Nils Klasen is a specialist for module and interconnection technologies. He his PhD in the module technology department of Fraunhofer ISE. There, he focussed his research on shingle solar cell Interconnections, their beneficial properties and their reliability. Today he’s concentrating on the industrialization of the shingle technology with M10 Solar Equipment and their SURFACE tool.

Jan Paschen | Scientific Researcher Photovoltaics Division, Fraunhofer ISE

PhD Student at Fraunhofer ISE conducting research on the use of laser welding techniques for bonding thin metal foils to enable solar cell metallization and interconnection using aluminum foil. Focusing on the development and optimization of laser-based processes for high-throughput industrial applications in solar cell manufacturing. Utilizing data analysis and modeling to enhance process efficiency and performance.


Mark Hutchins | Magazine Director, pv magazine

Mark Hutchins joined pv magazine as production editor for our monthly global title in September 2016. He also reports on upstream technology and markets, and new and emerging solar regions for both print and online. Mark has experience in copywriting, music journalism and the fast-paced world of startups.

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