Intersolar North America closes on a high

16. July 2010 | Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends, Applications & Installations, Products, Top News | By:  Jennifer Kho

As Intersolar North America drew to a close, analysts left the industry with upbeat forecasts for the solar market. "Things couldn't be better in 2010," Jefferies analyst Jesse Pichel told pv magazine.

Intersolar North America 2010 exhibition hall

The show reflected a positive industry mood. Image: Solar Promotion International.

"If I look at the first half of 2010, it was all negative news, and if I look to the second half - you never know what kind of surprises can come - but at this point, with Italy's subsidy, the Green Jobs Bill [in the U.S.], more loan guarantees and whatever China does, I think Q2 and Q3 numbers, and maybe even Q4, should be pretty good for all the solar companies."

Pichel is part of a team of four analysts – including smart-grid analyst Elaine Kwei – who recently moved from Piper Jaffray to Jefferies and launched coverage of 15 cleantech companies on Wednesday. In a report released that day, the team projects the global solar market will reach 12.9 gigawatts this year, up 78 percent from 2009, and will grow a modest 15 percent in 2011 and 26 percent in 2012.

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