Sharp to market solar windows

23. July 2013 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Investor news | By:  Max Hall

The Japanese giant will showcase solar window and balcony railings at PV Japan 2013. The windows will cost around $2,000 per square meter.

Solar glass.

Sharp is set to market solar windows from next week.

Electronics giant Sharp will release a transparent solar panel at the end of the month according to a report in Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

The Japanese company announced on Wednesday it would preview the panels – for use as windows and balcony railings – at the PV Japan 2013 trade show being held in Koto-ku Tokyo from tomorrow until Friday.

The company statement added dye-sensitized solar cells will also be showcased in Tokyo, offering a colorful solar option for BIPV.

According to a report in today's Asahai Shimbun, Sharp officials said the solar windows will go on sale from next Monday and will cost between JPY200,000 (US$2,010) and 250,000/m2.

The report stated the panels will come in two transparencies with the darker of the two models generating more energy.

The windows will be 100cm tall by either 70cm, 115cm or 140cm and will have a maximum generating capacity of 39-46 W (for the smallest size), 66-77 W and 80-95 W.

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