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India: Domestic content compromise proposed, WTO ruling postponed

India needs foreing module imports to meet its ambitious solar goals

The Indian Government has proposed a compromise to end the dispute with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over its domestic content requirement (DCR) for solar modules. A final ruling from the WTO was expected on Friday, however...

EU confirms Trina’s MIP exit

Trina will continue to serve the European market with modules from overseas factories other than those in China

The European Commission has officially confirmed Trina Solar’s exit from the Minimum Import Price (MIP), announced in December. This now brings to seven, the total number of Chinese companies that have withdrawn from the...

Australia resumes anti-dumping case against Chinese solar producers

Large scale solar installation, Australia.

Dropped in October last year having found only negligible injury or hindrance to the Australian PV industry, the Anti-Dumping Commission reviewed the decision and has decided to resume the investigation.

Little comfort in preliminary review of US duties on Chinese solar cells

Preliminary rulings in the second administrative reviews of 2012 anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on PV cells from China suggest lower rates, but experience from the first review gives no cause to celebrate yet.

EU: Anti-circumvention duties for Chinese solar products shipped via Taiwan, Malaysia

The EU Commission has found evidence of duty dodging

Anti-circumvention duties of 53.4% and anti-subsidy duties of 11.5% are to be applied to Chinese solar PV panels and cells shipped from Taiwan and Malaysia to the EU, after the European Commission (EC) found evidence of duty...

EU trade case: 120 companies, associations to participate in MIP expiry review

A lot of parties have registered their interest in the MIP undertaking

The possibility to register as an interested party for the EU Commission's expiry review of minimum prices and import volumes for Chinese solar PV manufacturers expired on Monday. Many more companies and organizations registered...

Trina exits EU price undertaking

Trina Solar Chairman and CEO Jifan Gao

The company says the minimum import price does not reflect current market trends, which show average selling prices in major markets continuing to decline at a faster than expected rate. Trina will now supply EU markets through...

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