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EU to raise minimum import price for Chinese solar modules

European Commission

A year after lowering the minimum import price, the European Commission is set to increase it back to its original level. The weak euro is one major reason for the move.

ET Solar to work with EC on MIP compliance

ET Solar flag and building

ET Solar is "very confident" it can address the concerns raised by the European Commission late last week in its finding that the company had breached the terms of the MIP agreement. ET says it will "address the EC's concerns...

ReneSola to exit European minimum price

ReneSola HQ

Chinese module manufacturer ReneSola has indicated that it will exit from the European Union's minimum import price (MIP) agreement. The reason for ReneSola's move is the European Commission ruling that Chinese companies cannot...

Dutch authorities investigating possible PV module import violations

Port of Rotterdam

An importer in the Netherlands is suspected of shipping re-labled solar modules from China to Europe via Malaysia and Taiwan. According to Dutch press reports, modules from 22 different manufacturers are being held in several...

Three Chinese manufacturers to be removed from minimum price agreement

The European Commission.

The European Commission (EC) has proposed removing Canadian Solar, ET Solar and Renesola from its minimum price agreement framework. The EC sites various breaches of the agreement and arrangements that make its enforcement...

Canada imposes provisional import duties on Chinese PV products

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in action.

The Canada Border Services Agency has slapped provisional duties of between 9.1% to 286.1% on Chinese exporters of certain PV modules and laminates.

SPI Solar's $1.6bn credit line


China-focused developer secures three new lines of credit. Cries of unfair state subsidy support are likely to ring loud again.

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