Vietnam files complaint with WTO over US solar tariffs

The Vietnamese authorities have submitted a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to request formal consultations with Washington over its recently announced 30% tariff on crystalline silicon PV imports.


China intends to control capacity expansion of its PV industry more strictly

The Chinese Ministry of Industry in Beijing has issued new guidelines for the solar PV industry. These urge Chinese manufacturers to invest at least 10 million yuan annually into research and development.

Roth: US steel, aluminum tariffs to add at least 1-3c per watt to solar projects

While President Trump has a range of options, all likely scenarios seem likely to result in a modest increase in the cost of solar installations.


Renewables to drive economic growth in SE Asia — IRENA

The 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are on track to make solar and other renewables account for 23% of the region’s total primary energy supply (TPES) by 2025, but governments will need to create better policy and investment frameworks to make it happen, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

TEPCO reaffirms renewables commitment, vows to expand globally

The head of Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has said that the Japanese company remains committed to renewables development, and has vowed to expand the regional utility’s business beyond its home market in the coming years.

Netherlands launches 2018 support scheme for innovative solar, renewables

The Topsector Energie scheme, which will also support all kinds of innovative energy projects, has a budget of €130 million for 2018.

US trade authorities provide details on exemptions to solar import duties

Solar PV makers seeking exemptions to Section 201 duties must make them by March 16, but there is no guarantee that any will be granted.

South Australia: Labor sets 75% RE target by 2025

The South Australian Labor Party has increased its Renewable Energy Target (RET) to 75% by 2025. It also plans to introduce a target of meeting 25% of the state’s peak electricity demand with stored renewables – equating to 750 MW of storage capacity.

Canada unveils roadmap for coal phase out, RE implementation

The Canadian Department of Energy has revised its goals to phase out coal powered electricity by 2030. It will increasingly focus on renewable energy (RE) and natural gas. In Alberta alone, an extra 5 GW of solar and wind are expected to be installed.


Increasing 2030 RE share positive for EU economy, IRENA report shows

Under the REmap case study for the EU, presented by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in its latest report, solar PV and wind power will account for the bulk of capacity additions in the power sector by 2030. The potential identified for solar PV amounts to 270 GW, an 86 GW increase on the business as usual scenario.