Soliant Energy receives UL listing for commercial rooftop solar systems


Traditional ground mount solar systems do not typically require the same safety measures as a rooftop system on an occupied building, says the company. Commercial rooftop products for CPV must comply to UL safety standards so that occupants are assured of their safety, and to comply with local building and city planning codes.

“The full commercial potential of rooftop CPV will only be reached when customers can install systems with the peace-of-mind that all safety standards have been met or exceeded. This new UL standard, SU 8703, ensures that rigorous safety standards have been met and is a critical enabler to the accelerated growth of our industry,” said Terry Bailey, chief executive of Soliant Energy, Inc.

“UL’s global footprint of technical experts and our state-of-the-art facilities help manufacturers gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in the global marketplace. Safety is of critical importance to rooftop commercial solar and we are gratified to see Soliant become the first to comply with the SU 8703 standard,” said Evelyn Butler, director of UL’s Renewable Energy Sector.

To acquire UL Listing, the SE-500X underwent a year of rigorous testing at UL’s commercially focused PV testing and certification facility in San Jose, California, the U.S.

Tests fall under three general categories: electrical safety, mechanical safety and fire safety. During the testing process, Soliant worked closely with UL to define a fire test method for CPV products to be used on commercial rooftops. The Soliant SE-500X is now fire rated for installation on a class C or better roof; class C is generally the lowest quality roof allowable by code.