AT&T and SunEdison partner up to install 2 MW of solar power in the U.S.


The solar power installation in San Diego is will generate an estimated 420,000 kWh of energy in its first year of operation alone, said AT&T. Over 20 years, the power installation will generate more than 7.7 million kWh of energy – enough energy to power more than 720 US homes for one year, it added.

The program is made possible through a strategic power purchase agreement (PPA) between SunEdison and AT&T under which SunEdison will construct, monitor and maintain an additional five solar power installations in California. In return, AT&T will buy the energy produced from the solar systems to offset their grid demand. Once activated, the six systems will total an estimated two MWs of solar capacity and will generate over 3.2 million kWh of energy within the first year of operation, explained the company.

"Partnerships such as this one between AT&T and SunEdison show why San Diego continues to be the national leader in solar energy," said Mayor Sanders. "Our residents and businesses have embraced clean energy, which not only benefits our environment, but also our region’s economy."

The additional California solar deployments will be located in Dunnigan, Commerce, Mojave, Santa Ana and West Sacramento, according to AT&T.