IBC Solar opens Czech subsidiary in Prague


The decision to transfer the branch office to an independent subsidiary was made in order to further push the market development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, explained the company. Of the estimated 100 MWp market volume in the Czech Republic, IBC Solar s.r.o. said it aims to achieve around ten percent.

"The developments of the Czech PV market have shown, that the decision to set up an office in Prague in 2009 was the right move", stated Udo Möhrstedt, CEO of IBC SOLAR AG. "From now on, our subsidiary will directly deliver our products and services to our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia."

The regional conditions in the Czech Republic are well suited to the photovoltaic (PV) production of energy, continued the company, which said that the solar radiation values are comparable to that of southern Germany. Moreover, it said the legal conditions for PV systems in the Czech Republic are attractive. "Ultimately," it stated, "every kilowatt hour of electricity fed into the grid for roof systems of up to 30 kWp is compensated with around 47 cent."

The company added that in Slovakia there is a law in order to subsidize renewable energies and a feed-in tariff for solar electricity. It explained that for solar power plants with a maximum 100 kWp, the tariff guarantees around 43 Cent for each kilowatt hour that is fed into the power grid over a period of 15 years.

"With our expansion in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we will focus on the quality that IBC SOLAR is renowned for around the world," said Travnicek. "In order to share our idea of quality among installers, partners and consumers, IBC Solar will be starting another round of trainings. In addition, we have plans to participate in various fairs and conferences to make our brand well-known in the Czech Republic and Slovakia."