Quick and secure connection


The MC4PLUS plug connection comes outfitted with solar cables and is available with cable cross-sections of 1.5, 2.5, 4, and 6 square millimeters. The unit is designed for protection classes IP65 and IP67, and its snap-in closure, which can only be opened with a tool, provides high connection security, according to the manufacturer.

The MC4QUICK plug connection is said to offer easy, secure, and quick installation and is used to connect inverters, inverter supplies, and connection cables between the prefitted module connections without tools. Multi-Contact says that an integrated spring clip connection provides reliable contacting and strain relief. The system also has a snap-in locking mechanism and is suitable for cables with cross-sections of four to ten square millimeters and designed for protection classes IP65 and IP67.

Multi-Contact has developed the TwinBox junction box for automated thin film module manufacturing. Because the MC4 connection technology is directly integrated in the panel outlet, its shape is especially compact and requires less casting compound, says the company.

Multi-Contact also offers the PV-JB/WL, a junction box for crystalline modules with a flat shape that makes it possible to install the outlet directly under the module frame structure. The connection bands don’t have to be bent to 90 degrees, which can save time during installation; instead, the bands can be connected with spring clips or by welding or soldering.

The junction box is designed for IP65 and IP67 and can be attached to the panel with silicon or double-sided tape. The overlaying cover structure prevents the cables from bending at the socket output, the company says.