Australia: 10 MW PV facility to be built in Mid-West


As part of a series of "landmark initiatives", which are expected to strengthen the State Government’s commitment to delivering a cleaner energy future, Collier explained that the project will be built as a public-private partnership, with AUD$20 million coming from the State Government.

Addressing the annual Energy in WA Conference, he stated: "Managed by Verve Energy, this facility will become the biggest PV project in the nation, testing and demonstrating the technology in WA on a commercial scale. It will facilitate the development of larger projects in the future and is likely to reduce renewable energy costs in the medium to long term."

He went on to outline the results of other investments made by the government, including introducing a residential net feed-in tariff, which has provided "greater incentives" for householders to embrace cleaner energy and the establishment of two solar powered stations at Marble Bar and Nullagine, with a total generating capacity of 500 kilowatts of power.