Germany's 'Green Hero' passes away


The man who was named by TIME magazine as "Hero for the Green Century" and recipient of the Alternative Nobel prize, died unexpectedly yesterday evening. Herman Scheer was an active politician in Germany, a member of the Social Democrat party since 1980 and was instrumental in the introduction of the solar roof programs, Renewable Energy Law and most importantly, played a pivotal role in feed-in tariffs introduction.

He fought for recognition and support for renewable energy, especially solar via his writings and his film. Scheer wrote The Solar Manifesto, The Solar Economy and put forth the film The Fourth Revolution-Energy Autonomy. He took his personal time to push not only the local politics and recognition in Germany for renewables but also garnered international support for the green cause.

On a personal note, Scheer was an inspiring and motivational guide for the students who attended his lectures and seminars and drew inspiration from him to embark on a path to promoting and bettering renewable energies.