UK: Proposal for 5 MW solar farm


If given the go ahead, it is expected that the Parley Solar Farm will consist of 30,000 photovoltaic panels and generate around five megawatts (MWs)of power: 30 acres of land next to Eco’s existing Chapel Lane site have been earmarked. The company says this is enough energy to meet the electricity needs of 1,100 homes annually.

Currently used for turf cultivation, the fields have reportedly been chosen for their screening. The company states that it plans to work closely with Dorset County Council and Natural England, but says the environmental impact will either be neutral or, indeed, beneficial.?

It went on to say that it is holding a public exhibition at its Parley offices on Friday November 5 and Saturday November 6, which will hopefully be attended by local councilors, residents associations and other interested groups, including Friends of the Earth.

Trelawney Dampney, Eco’s managing director, commented: “Parley Solar Farm will be a first for Dorset, offering a low carbon, renewable energy source. Climate change is the biggest issue facing the world at the current time. The establishment of Parley Solar Farm will represent a small step towards meeting the UK government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.??

“Our plans are just at the proposal stage and we’re keen to hear the views of interested parties before preparing and submitting a formal planning application.”??

The company concluded by saying that the proposed project will form part of an integrated renewable energy farm comprising solar, anaerobic digestion and biomass facilities. In total, the company plans to produce around 12 MW of electrical power.?