Indian state's police stations to be PV-powered


According to local reports in India, the Chairman of New and Renewable Energy Development Agency, Navneet Sehgal, has stated that the project has been formally launched. The first phase of the project will see 340 police stations, with preference going to those in remote areas, fitted with solar systems of 2.2 kilowatt power each. These 340 police stations have been identified across 20 districts including Fatehpur, Siddharth Nagar, Banda, Gonda, Mainpuri, Basti and Chitrakoot to name a few. The project has been launched with the aim to enable more efficient police work through the use of computers.

Majority of the police stations in the state, which are located in remote or rural areas, face a daily power shortage. "In majority of the areas of the state, electricity is available only for eight to ten hours. Besides sometimes areas remain without power in case of a major breakdown," police department sources reportedly told the press.