Schott Solar to expand global capacity


The news follows what the company describes as a successful year. In addition to increasing its module capacity, it says it will invest in the expansion of wafer capacity at its German manufacturing sites, and expand its global module manufacturing network via a joint venture with Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. in China.

The first phase of the joint venture will reportedly add an additional 300 MWs of module manufacturing capacity to the company’s existing 500 MW of capacity at its sites in the U.S. (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and in the Czech Republic.

"Asia will become one of the largest growth regions for PV. The Chinese government has recognized the strategic importance of renewable energy and is strongly committed to this future industry. For this reason, we are taking advantage of the good condition that the market is in right now to strategically expand our manufacturing in the region and internationalize our solar business even further," said Udo Ungeheuer, chairman of the board of management of Schott AG.

He added: "Schott has been manufacturing in East Asia already for many years. This has enabled us to secure jobs and sites in Germany over the long term and remain competitive in international markets."