Ontario: SPP and JCM sign 20 MW of solar projects


Set to be located throughout southwestern Ontario, the 20 MW will comprise commercial rooftop solar installations.

The move follows the launch of a fund by SPP and JCM to develop, finance, own, and operate 200 MW of solar projects, in Ontario. Currently, the fund volume is at 50 MW. Of this, the two parties have already initiated 20 MW of projects that will start construction this year.

Their aim is to install solar projects on large commercial and industrial buildings across Ontario. They will take advantage of the province’s feed-in-tariff program via solar Power Purchase Agreements with the Ontario Power Authority.

"This investment vehicle will help develop a network of clean electricity created through solar power installations in industrial areas right where the highest usage of energy exists," stated Peter Goodman, CEO of SPN.

"This solution will not only benefit Ontarians by offsetting consumption from traditional energy sources, but it also integrates more efficiently into an established utility grid with systems that can be built faster than a centralized approach, meaning local businesses can access clean energy sooner."