S.A.G. Solarstrom acquires 5.1 MWp Czech PV plant


According to the German company’s CEO, Karl Kuhlmann, even with the country’s 26 percent solar tax, the project is an attractive, and already funded, addition to S.A.G’s portfolio. "The system is exhibiting the high performance expected in the first few months of operation," he stated.

Generating around 5,200 MWh of electricity per year, the photovoltaic plant is reportedly covering the electricity requirements of 1,000 four-person households. Meanwhile, it receives a tariff of 12.4 Czech Crowns per kilowatt hour (around €0.51). A spokesperson for the company tells pv magazine that its market price is around €20 million.

"An attractive green electricity portfolio offers not only plannable profits, but also supplies us with valuable data regarding long-term performance, and the maintenance and optimization requirements of systems, which we can use to continuously improve our offering," explained Kuhlmann.

"In the long-term, our own systems are interesting assets for potential partners, such as major energy providers who want to invest specifically in renewable energies. The project planning business would also benefit at the same time."