Phoenix Solar inaugurates two German solar parks worth 18 MW


Located in Neisse-Malxetal, Brandenburg, the power plants are situated at either ends of a three kilometer runway. The former military site had to be clear the site of munitions remains before work on the installation could begin.

At the inauguration, Phoenix Solar’s Ralph Schneider said that they intend to continue to work in the region. "We are proud of being able to revitalize a conversion site in Brandenburg and (to) put it to sustainable use through our solar parks." The solar parks’ operating life is fixed for 20 years and the site is set to be converted to use for urban development after this period.

Brandenburg’s Environment Minister Anita Tack said that such projects are important for Germany’s future use of renewable energy and that the region is viewed as a role model for green energy solutions. "Today Brandenburg is already sourcing 15.6 percent of its primary energy requirements from renewable energies. This brings annual savings on CO2 to almost 10 million tons."

The Minister also highlighted how Brandenburg has been able to attract entrepreneurs, investors and scientists to the region and create thousands of new jobs. "A branch of industry has successful been developed with more than 12,000 jobs, 3,000 of which are in the photovoltaic sector alone," said Tack. The site, which spans two neighboring municipalities, was chosen for favorable irradiation conditions with an annual average of 1,050 kilowatt hours per square meter per hour.

The project was funded by KGAL, which has incorporated the parks into a fund for institutional investors and KGAL’s Klaus Wolf spoke of their successful collaboration with Phoenix Solar on this and other projects. "We relied on the experience and professionalism of our partner Phoenix Solar and have successfully added to our investment portfolio in the filed of renewable energies."

Phoenix Solar claims that the solar parks were operational in 2010 and that construction was completed in 34 weeks.