Tenesol completes 100 kW rooftop system on Sicilian organic farm


A Natursana owned organic farm, in Ispica City on the Italian island of Sicily, will generate all of its own electricity after the installation of a 100 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic system. The 6,000 square meter farm is on protected land and therefore must comply with European standards for minimizing environmental impact. As such, a photovoltaic system for electricity generation was seen as an ideal energy solution.

The project took eight months from first inception and the modules themselves could be installed in only one month.

Natursana’s owner Sonia Calabrese said in statement that the photovoltaic installation has both environmental and economic benefits: "Solar power’s ability to reduce a company’s reliance on traditional energy sources is a great incentive, particularly during a time of economic uncertainty."

Tenesol manufactured the photovoltaic modules at its 85 megawatt facility in Toulouse and because of its location, close to Italy, the company sees potential for future growth in their southern neighbor. "This is a milestone project for us and marks our continued expansion in one of the world’s fastest growing solar markets," said Tenesol’s Claude Escala.

Tenesol has been present in Italy for many years, however being the first turnkey installation for the company, this project signifies a new development for the company. "As our team in Italy grows, I look forward to building on this progress and delivering our next installation in Italy," continued Escala.