Double glass thin film module and reduced module areas


The highest power class is quoted at 107 watts, with efficiency of up to 7.4 percent. The German Agricultural Society is also said to have confirmed the modules’ ability to withstand ammonia, an important feature for their use in agriculture-related environments featuring the heavy use of fertilizers.

The multicrystalline InDaX series for roof-integrated installation is also being extended with modules of 185, 230 and 235 watts of nominal power. The InDaX 185 module is a smaller version of the 2xx-series, by approximately 0.35 square meters, and with 48 instead of 60 cells.

The Poly 290 polycrystalline double-glass module has also been reduced in size to become the Poly 185, which comes onto the market with 185 watt-peaks and an efficiency of up to 13.8 percent. With only 48 instead of 80 cells, the module’s surface area is approximately 0.86 square meters smaller than that of the Poly 290.