Chevron completes 1.1 MW project at Californian College District


"At a time of tightly managed budgets, this program is certainly reason to celebrate," said college president Jackie L. Fisher. The project in total is expected to save the district $25 million over its lifetime and offset its annual electrical usage by more the 50 percent. The financial savings take into account incentives as part of the California Solar Initiative.

Chevron Energy Solutions, additional to the solar installation, included car charging systems, a new central cooling plant, and data center and lighting and irrigation control upgrades, which are also projected to bring greater energy savings to the college.

The company’s Jim Davis highlighted the role they can play in the education sector. "By working closely with schools and colleges across the United States, we are uncovering significant savings opportunities," said Davis. Chevron is one of the largest installers of solar power in the US education market.

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